Sometimes, breaking a rule can heal a wound.



Depend upon no one, whose independence is guaranteed.



If you dive into the wreckage of your worst deeds, you might find survivors unaccounted for.



Laughter breaks us like bread.



The state is a dull creature periodically ensorcelled by politics.



Civilization is an intricate rationale for improper waste disposal.



Despair is blighted foresight; hope is bedazzled hindsight.



Nightmares torment the guilty with plausibility.



There’s nothing you can steal without shame that doesn’t already belong to you.



The rich chew the fat, while nibbling at the poor.



Literature does not exist for your protection.



Human infrastructure is a grand repository of flawed improvisations.



Ownership affords the least protection for what matters most.



Speech evolved so that we could console one another for our inarticulacy.



You can’t thwart common sense by remaining silent.



If you stop being your own advocate, you’ll become your own hanging judge.



Moralism is a hospital, in which the sick try to cure the healthy.



You can’t read another’s thoughts, but you can doodle in their margins.



More can be recanted in an instant than atoned for in a lifetime.



Doubting your desire is like honey questioning its sweetness.



There are quicker ways to kill yourself than bludgeoning others with resentment.



It’s not the path that’s beaten, but those who choose it.



You can manage your expectations without letting them scrape and bow to realism.



One person’s complacency sponsors another’s political exhaustion.



To rule over others, you must plant your flag on a peak of misery.



The boot on your neck might be your own, but never could you have taken that step all by yourself.



Letting your goals be set by someone else is like steering your thirst into a desert.



Capital covets your productivity; labor cultivates your receptivity.



Preaching to the choir drowns out the music.



Unholy opinions about sex masquerade as religious doctrines of love.



Too much of what has already happened is yet to be determined.



Nothing is too shameful to be bulldozed by tolerance.



No one can speak the truth while trying not to lie.



Bright banners often braid dark designs.



Only true aristocrats drink the blood they spill.



Hope can be deadweight to someone mired in despair.



The only problem with wanting people to recognize your humanity is that you have to reveal your humanity.



Remember that you are a frameless canvas, daubed by many hands.



A world of cultural consumption feeds a sewer of undigested ideas.



Wealth serves justice the way violence betrays hope.



Our bodies are not ours alone; they are the tremulous switching posts of all calamities and exhilarations.



Poverty should be against our principles, not against the law.



There’s no more treacherous bog than a bourgeois fantasy of perfection.