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Charlene Elsby, Ph.D., specializes in Aristotle and realist phenomenology. She is the Vice President of the North American Society for Early Phenomenology, the President of the North American Roman Ingarden Society, and the General Editor of Phenomenological Investigations. She edited the volume Essays on Aesthetic Genesis, and her recent journal articles include, “The Origin of Theoretical Knowledge in the Organization of Nature”, "Kill Metaphor: Kafka’s Becoming-Animal and the Deterritorialization of Language as a Rejection of Stasis”, “Time and its Indeterminacy in Roman Ingarden’s Concept of the Literary Work of Art”, and "Gregor Samsa’s Spots of Indeterminacy: Kafka as Phenomenologist”. Her fictional works include Hexis, Affect, Psychros, and Musos.
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Literary Horizonality
2 years ago

Literary Horizonality

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The realist phenomenological response to empiricism argues that the structure of the universe is evident in how a human consciousness naturally tends to unify in some cases and differentiate in …
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