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Jonathan Brooks Platt is Associate Professor of the Higher School of Economics National Research University in St. Petersburg, Russia. He writes on topics including Stalin-era culture, representations of reading in Russian Romanticism, and the actionist tradition in Russian contemporary art. His monograph, "Greetings, Pushkin!: Stalinist Cultural Politics and the Russian National Bard" appeared in 2017 through University of Pittsburgh Press and, in Russian translation, the European University in St. Petersburg Press. He is a widely-published translator of new Russian Left poetry, and he has collaborated on projects with a number of contemporary Russian artists. His current project, "The Last Avant-Garde," examines the history of late/post-Soviet art in the context of the neoliberal revolution.
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Discursive Due Process

The impulse for this text came from an aggressive Facebook exchange with a Russian friend over the “We Defend the Freedom to Bother” letter in Le Monde.[1] When my friend …
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