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Michael Marder is IKERBASQUE Research Professor at the University of the Basque Country, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. His most recent books include “The Philosopher’s Plant: An Intellectual Herbarium” and “Pyropolitics: When the World Is Ablaze,” "Dust" (2016), with Anaïs Tondeur, "The Chernobyl Herbarium" (2016), and, with Luce Irigaray "Through Vegetal Being" (2016). Slavoj Žižek is Slovenian Marxist philosopher, cultural critic, and one of the most distinguished thinkers of our time. He achieved international recognition as a social theorist after the 1989 publication of his first book in English, "The Sublime Object of Ideology“. He is a regular contributor to newspapers like “The Guardian”, “Die Zeit” or "The New York Times“. He has been labelled by some the "Elvis of cultural theory“ and is the subject of numerous documentaries and books.
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The Breakdown of Rational Argumentation
8 years ago

The Breakdown of Rational Argumentation

Since Hamid Dabashi is pursuing his slanderous campaign against Slavoj Žižek and his colleagues, from Michael Marder to Santiago Zabala, repeatedly spreading claims which were demonstrated to be clear lies, …
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