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Zahi Zalloua is Cushing Eells Professor of Philosophy and Literature and a professor of Indigeneity, Race, and Ethnicity Studies at Whitman College and Editor of The Comparatist. His most recent work includes The Politics of the Wretched: Race, Reason, and Ressentiment (forthcoming), Solidarity and the Palestinian Cause: Indigeneity, Blackness, and the Promise of Universality (2023), Being Posthuman: Ontologies of the Future (2021), Žižek on Race: Toward an Anti-Racist Future (2020), Theory’s Autoimmunity: Skepticism, Literature, and Philosophy (2018), and Continental Philosophy and the Palestinian Question: Beyond the Jew and the Greek (2017).
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Framing Palestine
1 month ago

Framing Palestine

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The title of my essay, “Framing Palestine,” has a double meaning. First, I’m using “framing” to describe the ways we try to make sense of Palestine—more specifically, how we make …
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