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The Slovenian Marxist philosopher and cultural critic is one of the most distinguished thinkers of our time. Žižek achieved international recognition as a social theorist after the 1989 publication of his first book in English, "The Sublime Object of Ideology“. He is a regular contributor to newspapers like “The Guardian”, “Die Zeit” or "The New York Times“. He has been labelled by some the "Elvis of cultural theory“ and is the subject of numerous documentaries and books. Nicol A. Barria-Asenjo, Chilean writer and essayist, member of the Chilean “Le Monde Diplomatique” and “Nuestra República”, active in “Asociación Chilena de Revistas Científicas de Psicología”. She wrote extensively on the psychic impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, which is also the topic of her forthcoming book on the construction of a new post-Covid normality. Barria-Asenjo also played an important role in the Chilean protest movement which culminated in the referendum that approved the procedure to establish a new constitution of Chile.
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Chile: Toward a New Signifier
4 years ago

Chile: Toward a New Signifier

Recently, two events that showed a glimmer of hope occurred in our depressing times: the elections in Bolivia and the APRUEBO referendum in Chile. (On October 25, 2020, voters were …
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